Helping young people support each other through bereavement.


Well Beings received a Co-op Foundation grant to help young people support each other through bereavement. 

The grant is made up of the Co-Op Foundation #iwill Fund. The #iwill Fund is made possible thanks to joint funding from the National Lottery Community Fund and the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, working with Step Up To Serve (#iwill fund partners).

The #iwill Fund supports the aims of the #iwill campaign - to make involvement in social action a part of life for young people by recognising the benefit for both young people and their communities. Social action involves activities such as campaigning, fundraising and volunteering, all of which enable young people to make a positive difference in their communities as well as develop their own skills and knowledge.


Findings from Co-op Funeralcare’s ‘biggest ever survey’ into death, dying, and  bereavement found that young people are most likely to bottle up their feelings and be excluded from social arrangements when experiencing bereavement.  
The funding will allow Well Beings to run projects that help young people experiencing the challenges of bereavement through peer support.

The aims of our projects are:

  • To provide therapeutic bereavement support through group intervention

  • To educate young people about the bereavement process

  • To normalise the grief process amongst young people

  • To enable young people to develop their own coping skills in relation to their own bereavement and grief process.

  • To empower young people to act as a mentor within their school (#iwill champion). Taking positive action to encourage others to talk about their bereavement, provide support and pass on the knowledge they have received from the support group.

The groups will be run by Well Beings Director and Lead Psychotherapist Jackie Archer, alongside Louise Duxbury - Specialist Arts Mentor, who we have brought in from Create Yourself to assist in running the activities. As bereavement specialists, both members of the team have the experience, knowledge and tools to be able to support young peoples' mental health, whilst facilitating a safe and supportive learning space.

Each group will run for 9 weeks and will focus on:

  • The stages of grief and all the big feelings that come with it

  • Identifying an individual way of grieving

  • Exploring what supporting each other looks like

  • Building resilience and coping skills

Whilst working together to unravel our grief process - we will get creative! Louise will facilitate a variety of activities to encourage exploration and understanding of bereavement.  The children will work towards creating a piece of art that expresses their personal journey. Week 6 will mark our ‘final exhibition’. The children will share their work with each other, their peers and teachers within their school.

Due to covid - There is a plan to video record / take photographs of the artistic process and final pieces, so that we can share the creations with other classes within the school, better informing them of the grief process and our journey.

Weeks 7-9 is all about passing on what we have learnt with our peers #iwill champion. The children will be encouraged to take an active role in supporting others within their school who are going through a bereavement.

We'll be posting our activities on social media, as well as this page, so follow us and keep checking back for updates!

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