Wrapping it up for half term


Everyone has just done amazing on this journey.

Week 5 saw the group come together and review their experience of Project B. We worked on finishing up our memory boxes and spent some time learning techniques to regulate our emotions through creative expression.

More to come after half term!


We are a small group at Calder High. The group dynamics are just fantastic. We've only just met, but so far we are all super respective and supportive of each other.

Week 1 saw us meet for the first time. We shared our experience of bereavement and the person we lost. We all agreed that for our creative project- we would make masks.

Masks are representative of the face we present to the world. And when we go through a bereavement, oh, how many masks do we wear!?

We spent some time as a group in week 2 looking at the grief process and identifying our own way of grieving. We noticed they differed greatly in terms of length, feelings and thoughts. But that was ok. To finish our session this week, we prepared ourselves by sketching out some ideas of how we wanted to create our masks.

Week 3 came and we all got stuck into our 'mask project'. During our session, the topic of coping skills came up and we all shared how we manage our feelings.

This week marked our 4th week together. Goodness, how it has flown! The mask work continues and there are some very interesting creative processes happening. We shared memories, stories of our loved ones and talked about all things feelings in the session, particularly around the concept of 'wearing a mask' when with friends or family.

It's half term now, see you in a few weeks!