We have a name! Ferney Lee Weeks 2&3


The second session at Ferney Lee Primary School was all about feelings. Through creative activities and discussion, the group shared how their experience of bereavement made them feel.

Benny was on hand to offer snuggles and help the young people learn to regulate emotions.

We also asked the young people to help us come up with a name for the project and design its logo. The group had some fantastic ideas and eventually decided on the name "Project B".

The "B" stands for bereavement, but also gives an obvious nod to their favourite therapy dog, Benny, who attends the sessions each week. We used the young people's logo designs as inspiration for the final logo. Other requirements included lots of colour, a nice bold "B" and, of course, Benny himself!

We're really pleased with how the pupils engaged with this process and how the logo developed!


In week 3 we've seen confidence and conversations flowing naturally. The group has become a safe space to share their inner worlds.

In this session we looked a different grief models and came to the realisation that everyone’s process of grief was VERY different. We learnt that there was no right or wrong way to feel, and that alongside the “normal process” of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance - the children identified that there are an array of others! These included shame, frustration and confusion.

For our creative activity, the young people used Playdoh to represent their own journey... Playdoh makes for a great coping / distraction method and can be used for releasing feelings through creation.

We all look forward to next week when we will be starting our memory boxes!